Dale Molnar

Video Journalist

Dale Molnar is a video journalist at CBC Windsor. He is a graduate of the University of Windsor and has worked in television, radio and print. He has received a number of awards including an RTDNA regional TV news award and a New York Festivals honourable mention.

Latest from Dale Molnar

Old Windsor jail is up for sale — again

The old Windsor jail in Sandwich Towne is up for sale again.

Windsor tool and mold company applies assembly line technique to mold making

Cavalier Tool and Mold received $2.25 million in provincial funding towards a $15 million worth of new equipment which allows them to apply assembly line techniques to mold making.

Residents near east Windsor house explosion in March still dealing with aftermath

Neighbours living next to the remains of a house that exploded last March want the site cleaned up.

Windsor daycare provider says biweekly trash pickup won't work for dirty diapers

Coun. Mark McKenzie is in favour of a dirty diaper drop-off when garbage collection goes bi-weekly in 2025. But an at-home daycare provider thinks the idea stinks.

Cost to study restoring historic Jackson Park bandshell would top $100k

It would cost around $100,000 to study the feasibility of restoring the historic band shell at Jackson Park.

Unifor picks Ford for pattern negotiations in 2023 auto talks

Unifor has chosen Ford as the strike target to set the pattern for bargaining with the other two Detroit Three automakers, the union's president said during a news conference in Toronto on Tuesday.

Wasps are bugging outdoor diners — and restaurants are taking action

Wasps are out in force this time of year, and restaurant owners say it's the worst they've seen.

Elsmere road work causing parking headaches for residents

Ontario's Ombudsman may be getting involved in a some residents' push to get parking permits for city lots while on-street parking on Elsmere Avenue is prohibited due to sewer work.

Leamington, Ont., man says he'll handcuff himself to his deck to save it from being taken down by town

A property owner in Leamington, Ont., says he will handcuff himself to a pole on his deck if the municipality tries to tear it down. It's part of long standing land dispute.

Some young Canadians would rather die earlier or not have sex than lose social media, study shows

A study at the University of Windsor reveals some young people would rather live a shorter life than forgo interaction on social media.