Auditor general needed by Windsor, says Coun. Bill Marra

Coun. Bill Marra suggests an auditor general would augment the work now being done by an outside accounting firm.
Windsor city councillor Bill Marra wants to add an auditor general to the city's payroll. (City of Windsor)

Windsor needs an auditor general, says one Windsor councillor.

Coun. Bill Marra suggests the position would augment the work now being done by an outside accounting firm.

Reinstating an auditor general was a promise made by several people running for council positions in the last election.

Marra doesn't want to replace PricewaterhouseCoopers, but says an auditor general would have powers that PWC doesn't currently have over the city.

"An auditor general, he or she could compel witnesses to come forward through a subpoena process. They would have unfettered access to documents and information, whereas at this time, it doesn't exist," Marra said.

The last city council decided to disband the city's auditor's office after three failed attempts to create some sort of auditor's position.

Mike Dunbar was a city auditor who left, citing limited access to information and lack of respect for his work.

Angela Berry held the title of internal auditor and left, charging the city with harassment. That charge failed to be proved in court.

Todd Langlois was an auditor general who was fired. He sued for $2.4 million and settled for an undisclosed amount.

Of the three staff members who previously performed auditing duties, only Langlois had auditor general powers under the Municipal Act, City of Windsor spokesman Jason Moore said.

Still, Marra is undaunted.

"The auditor general's office was disbanded primarily because of a personnel issue with the auditor general that was in place at the time," he said. "It wasn't a function of the office that was the problem, and that was a really interesting debate."

Mayor Drew Dilkens said he didn't think an auditor general was necessary while he was running for election last year.

He considers PricewaterhouseCoopers to be the city's auditor general.

Council will have a chance to debate the issue at its next meeting.


  • A previous version of this story said the City of Windsor disbanded its auditor general's office after three failed attempts and identified Mike Dunbar, Angela Berry and Todd Langlois all as auditor generals. In fact, the city only had one previous auditor general's office. In fact, Mike Dunbar was classified as a city auditor, Angela Berry was an internal auditor and Todd Langlois was an auditor general and the only one of the three with auditor general powers under the Municipal Act.
    Oct 07, 2015 10:49 AM ET