ASM International company behind mysterious fireworks show over Detroit River solved

A mysterious and unexpected fireworks display erupted over the Detroit River on Wednesday night and left people on social media wondering why.
Richard Carson just happened to have his camera downtown Wednesday night and snapped this shot of the fireworks display that has mystified everyone. (Richard Carson/Facebook)

The mystery surrounding an unexpected fireworks display that erupted over the Detroit River on Wednesday night and left people on social media wondering why, has been solved.

At about 8:20 p.m. last night, a barge with fireworks on it erupted in what looked like a orchestrated fireworks display — in the middle of an international shipping channel.

The display was part of the Heat Treat 2015 Conference and Exposition, hosted by ASM International at Cobo Center in Detroit.

AMS International claimed responsibility for the surprise on Twitter.

Staff later confirmed to CBC they were behind the show.

ASM International is a trade group that describes itself as, "the world's largest association of metals-centric materials engineers and scientists."

Until about 1 p.m. Thursday, those responsible for the show remained a mystery.

Windsor police had a little information about the show that left Twitter wondering, what the heck?

"The fireworks were on the U.S. side of the river [for] a U.S. event," Windsor police spokesman Sgt. Matt D'Asti said in an email to CBC Windsor early Thursday. "I understand proper protocols were followed on the U.S. side."

Users of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were baffled by the show Wednesday night.

Here's a sampling of what appeared on the social media sites.

Twitter user Denise Ball didn't think to question the display, she just gave thanks.

Video of the seemingly impromptu display appears to show fireworks come from a barge in the river that separates Windsor, Ont., and Detroit, Mich.

Still, many had but one question:

People took photos, inside and out.

Some wondered if Sir Paul McCartney had something to do with it all.

They had a case. This Twitter user, who seems to be a lawyer from Toronto, noted McCartney had a fireworks display when he played there.