Woman found in shed with injuries, one arrested

Windsor police were called Thursday to the 1200 block of Argyle Road to check on an injured female.

'It's so awful, just a horrible thing' says one area resident

The shed is one of the few things left on the property after a fire in November took out the attic of a set of six row houses. (Rose St-Pierre/Radio-Canada)

Windsor police were called Thursday to the 1200 block of Argyle Road to check on an injured female.

Officers located the woman laying down in a shed with visible injuries.

Mark McMullin used to live in one of the homes on Argyle Road, until he was burned out in November. 

A man approached his wife, who was cleaning up some of the debris on their lot, and said a woman was in the shed. Then he left.

McMullin and his wife checked out the shed and found the woman curled up in the shed. Then he called 911. 

A woman was found laying in this shed with visible injuries. (Sanjay Maru/CBC)

Windsor police identified a suspect, who was arrested in the area. A 36-year-old man is charged with aggravated assault. 

Const. Natalya Natyshak with Windsor police said the woman was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. The investigation is ongoing, but Natyshak did confirm the alleged assailant and victim were known to each other. 

"All of this is just making an even bigger nightmare of the situation," said McMullin, speaking to CBC News on the empty lot on Argyle Street. 

"I feel like we've opened up a sort of addict rehab centre slash homeless shelter. There's a lot of thievery. Even after the fire, it was all fenced off and people were jumping the fence."

McMullin would prefer the whole lot be fenced off, suggesting maybe the city or insurance companies get together to make that happen.

Morgan, who wouldn't give CBC News her last name, is the daughter of an Argyle Street tenant. 

"What other things could have happened? It's so awful, just a horrible thing," said Morgan. "[They] should have destroyed everything, even the shacks."

McMullin and his neighbours have had a few discussions about taking down the sheds and getting rid of the debris left on the lot. His shed was locked and the lock was broken. 

"This was our home, we want to stay here," said McMullin. "We want to rebuild."

With files from Rose St-Pierre and Chris Ensing


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