Leamington medical pot producer Aphria hits TSX

Leamington medical marijuana producer Aphria expects to attract higher-level investors with its move to the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Aphria public shares moved from Toronto Venture Exchange to the TSX on Wednesday

Public shares of Leamington-based medical marijuana producer Aphria hits the Toronto Stock Exchange. (Lisa Xing/CBC)

Leamington medical marijuana producer Aphria expects to attract more investors after moving its public shares to the Toronto Stock Exchange on Wednesday.

The move will give the company a higher profile and more access to financing, according to Aphria CEO Vic Neufeld.

"Graduating now to the big board ... provides more eyeballs on the Aphria story," he said. 

​New investment will prepare the company for any expansion plans. Aphria has already funded projects that are expected to lead to one million square feet of greenhouse space and 350,000 feet of infrastructure in the next few years.

Aphria will also be ready for the sale of recreational marijuana once the federal government legalilzes marijuana as planned, but that won't be for at least another two years, explained Neufeld. 

"There's a lot of funding going to be necessary under that recreational world and we'll be part of it, if it makes sense for us," he said.