Hwy. 401 crash victim remembered for friendship, hugs

Anna Doto, a 37-year-old Windsor woman who died in a crash on Highway 401 on Sunday, is remembered as someone with a heart of gold.

'She'd give her left arm to help you out'

Anna Doto died Dec. 1 in a crash on Highway 401 through Chatham. (Anna Doto/Facebook)

Anna Doto, a 37-year-old Windsor woman who died in a crash on Highway 401 on Sunday, is remembered as someone with a heart of gold.

Her aunt Stephanie Matteis said many were captivated by Doto's "spirit, creativity and sense of humour."

"She loved movies and music. She loved dancing and traveling," wrote Matteis, in an email. "I don't think this can really tell … anyone about the spirited, passionate and beautiful soul behind every tradition and experience."

Matteis added that Doto had "many magical connections with so many children in her life."

"She was a godmother and beloved cousin who invented arts projects for the little ones in her life," wrote Matteis.

WestJet coworker Jerry George said she was one of the best friends he's known.

She'd give her left arm to help you out.- Jerry George, former co-worker 

"She'd bake cakes for people at work, for whoever's birthday it was," said George. "She'd give her left arm to help you out."

George and Doto used to play pub trivia a few times a week at pubs in Windsor with a small team. He was stunned to hear of Doto's death.

"She's going to be missed," said George, who said he was distraught when he heard of her death. "This shouldn't have happened. She was only 37 years old."

Doto worked for years at Caesars Windsor and at the casino in Chatham, but worked seasonally at WestJet since 2012.

Kristal Levy started working with Doto at WestJet then, doing their intake training together. 

"One thing about Anna is she took her friendships very seriously," said Levy. "Whether it was your favourite colour or your dislikes, she remembered them. She made me a cake every year for my birthday."

Levy said when they first met, Doto helped her come out of her shell, messaging her to become friends before work training even started. 

"She was just so easy to talk to," said Levy. "It was an instant friendship."

Friends like George and Levy remembered Doto for her infectious hugs and prankster nature. 

Chatham-Kent Ontario Provincial Police responded to the crash around 1 a.m. Dec. 1. Doto was pronounced dead at the scene. 

With files from Angelica Haggert


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