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Number of students playing football is 'steadily declining,' say Windsor coaches

There has been a rapid decline in the number of students playing football in Windsor-Essex and some high school coaches worry the sport is on the verge of a crisis.

Windsor mother says deep cuts to disability services will be 'detrimental'

Ford government willing to pay $1 million for a contractor to cut services to the most vulnerable.

Mother speaks of 'intense pain' after 2nd blow to the head from her son

Michelle Helou said her son's increasingly violent behaviour is taking its toll on her, but she won't remove him from her Windsor home.

Refugees in Windsor seeking 'connection to community' this holiday

The executive director of Matthew House wants refugee claimants to experience community — and he's hoping people in Windsor will step up and donate small gifts and cards this holiday.

Family-owned business established before Confederation closes after 154 years

A family-owned hardware store is closing after 154 years in business.

Mandatory Grade 11 English course only teaches Indigenous books

Eight of 15 high schools with the GECDSB are using the mandatory Grade 11 English course to teach students about Indigenous authors.

Windsor couple grieving stillbirth regret not having more time

Caitlin Collins David is trying make sure other parents who experience a similar loss can spend more time with their baby.

Windsor non-profit offers counselling to young women affected by addiction codependence

A not-for-profit organization says addiction in Windsor has become so prevalent, it's now offering counselling services to support young women affected by people with addictions.

New planet shows 'promise' for life beyond Earth

NASA discovered a planet with its' Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). It's twice the size of earth and it's located 31 light-years away in the constellation Hydra.

Why it takes 2 days for us to learn if our beaches have E.coli

CBC Windsor followed WECHU as they tested E.coli levels at public beaches.

'People hiding in plain sight': New video at ONroute rest areas issues warning for human trafficking

A major media awareness movement started at ONroute rest areas in Ontario is branching out.

Planting trees at Windsor International Airport was a 'mistake'

A community group is seeking a refund on tree planting controversy at Windsor International Airport, but ERCA says it just wants to move forward without compensation.

Friend shares unaired podcast recordings of slain journalist Hodan Nalayeh

A Windsor writer and podcaster is mourning the death of a Somali-Canadian journalist killed last week in a suicide attack, while she decides what to do with podcast recordings that haven't aired.

NDP blaming cuts to conservation authorities for flooding

The NDP claim cuts to flooding supports in April are making flooding in Windsor-Essex worse.

The environmental cost of smoking pot

Cannabis was legalized a year ago, and while growing operations span across the country, CBC's Amy Dodge takes a look at the environmental footprint it's leaving behind.