Amherstburg's CAO and 2 officials were dismissed, mayor confirms

Amherstburg's former chief administrative office (CAO) and two officials were dismissed on Aug. 19. The town's mayor, Aldo DiCarlo, confirms they were the same officials escorted out of the town council on Aug. 9.

Aldo DiCarlo says officials were escorted from town property nearly 2 weeks ago

Three high-ranking officials, including the former CAO, are no longer employed with the southwestern Ontario town as of Thursday. (CBC News)

Three officials from the Town of Amherstburg, including its former chief administrative officer (CAO), were officially dismissed, according to the mayor.

As of Thursday, former CAO John Miceli, director of planning and development service Nicole Rubuli, and director of corporate services Cheryl Horrobin were no longer employed by the southwestern Ontario town, according to Mayor Aldo DiCarlo. 

"This is a difficult position for myself and council. We do understand the residents would like more information," he said.

"However, council does have a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers and we have to mitigate any potential litigation."

DiCarlo said he could not reveal more at this time. 

"In simple terms talking about it, giving more details, could cost the town money, and we have to be cognizant of that."

DiCarlo confirmed the three officials were the same staff members escorted out of the building along with police presence on Aug. 9.

"It's difficult as the mayor when you lose three key positions in the town," DiCarlo said. 

Earlier this week, acting CAO and legal counsel Susan Hirota resigned. She took on the additional role of acting CAO just last week, replacing Miceli.

DiCarlo said Hirota had only been with the town for seven weeks, after spending 15 years as senior legal counsel for the City of Windsor. 

Hirota will become the new director of legal and clerk services for the Town of Kingsville. 

4 high-ranking officials gone in a week

"We understand and respect her decision to move to another municipality. They made her a good offer that we could not match," DiCarlo said. 

Antonietta Giofu will take over as interim CAO later this month. 

In less than one week, the town has lost four high-ranking officials, which has taken a toll on its remaining staff. 

"We are sensitive to the unknown they are experiencing," DiCarlo said.

"At the end of the day, I believe we have very talented and dedicated staff. I know they will continue to offer the services and maintain the business of the town."

With files by Darrin Di Carlo