Ambassador Bridge reduces commuter tolls

Cross-border commuters will have a little less coming out of their pocket to cross the bridge.

The price goes from more than $4 a trip to $2.60

(Noah Gecelovsky)

Cross-border commuters will have a little less coming out of their pocket to cross the bridge.

The Ambassador Bridge is reducing commuter tolls in both directions as of Feb. 18, 2019. Currently the bridge costs $4.60 or $4 U.S., depending on which way you're headed. 

The new cost will be $2.60 everyday, in either direction. 

The reduction applies to pre-paid card holders, enrolling them into the Ambassador Bridge Premier Commuter Card Program. 

The Detroit International Bridge Company is attributing the reduction to what commuters have had to "endure," including the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel closures, I-75 closures and border officer staff shortages. 

The bridge company calls the changes a "win-win" for everyone. 

Michelle Lucas Matchett took this photo of the Ambassador Bridge surrounded by a bed of thick fog. (Michelle Lucas Matchett)

In addition to toll reductions, a third commuter lane will be open from Canada to the U.S. weekday mornings and from the U.S. to Canada weekday afternoons. 

"We have been testing this swap of lanes during similar times at the Ambassador Bridge for several months with great response from the commuters," said Dan Stamper, Ambassador Bridge president. 

Cardholders must prepay $150 on their commuter card. It will automatically refill when the card balance reaches $25. 

The standard tolls for non-commuters, without a card, are $5 U.S. or $6.25 Canadian.


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