Alleged road rage showing van ramming biker caught on video

Video of an alleged road rage incident that appears to show the driver of a minivan ram into a motorcyclist has been posted to Youtube.

Warning: This video contains coarse language

Video that appears to show the driver of a minivan ram into a motorcyclist in an alleged road rage incident has been posted to YouTube.

The video, filmed in Windsor, Ont., was captured by a camera mounted to the biker's helmet.

The video was shot in the area of Sprucewood Avenue, Ojibway Parkway and Morton Drive in the far west end of Windsor, near the site of the former Windsor Raceway and the Ambassador Golf Club.

In the video, the biker accuses the driver of the minivan of travelling too closely.

"Yo, back up," the biker says while video shows the motorcyclists gesturing to the van behind him.

In writing posted over the video, it's alleged the minivan bumped the bike from behind while in motion, after which the biker stops in the middle of the lane of traffic to confront the driver of the minivan.

After some words about the speed limit are exchanged, the minivan drives away and the biker pursues.

At a stoplight, the biker uses the left-hand turn lane to pass the van and parks in front of the van.

"Stay right there! You hit my my bike!" the biker yells.

That's when the van appears to ram the biker, who once again gives chase before taking a spill on Front Road in neighbouring LaSalle, Ont.

The incident happened Sept. 18, according to the description of the YouTube video, which was posted online Oct. 14. All faces and licence plates are blurred in the video.

LaSalle police tell CBC News they responded to the biker's crash but told the rider that because the alleged road rage incident happened in Windsor, he would have to call the Windsor Police Service.

The LaSalle officer who responded to the crash did not view the video at the time, but officers in LaSalle have since viewed it online.

LaSalle police Const. Harbinder Gill said it's never a good idea to stop, confront or chase other motorists. He said it's just as valuable to get a licence plate number and call police.

The Windsor Police Service has viewed the video and says it's investigating.

The video is edited down to six minutes and 22 seconds. CBC has not viewed an original copy of the video but has reached out through multiple channels to the person who posted it online.


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