Canada gives $70M for agriculture research in southwestern Ontario

The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food announced in Harrow, Ont. that the federal government will be committing $70 million on agriculture research.

The funding will be spread over five years

The federal government has announced a five-year funding plan for Harrow, Ont. in agriculture research. (Colin Côté-Paulette/CBC)

The federal government is committing $70 million over five years for agriculture research in Harrow, Ont.

The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food, Lawrence MacAulay, announced the details of the funding Friday in the southwestern Ontario community.

"This investment allows us to hire the next generation of world-class scientists here in Harrow and across the country, and will help give our farmers the tools they need to grow their businesses for years to come," said MacAulay in the release.

Out of the $70 million, $44 million will be used to hire around 75 scientists and other professionals working in agricultural science, and providing them with the technology and equipment needed to conduct research.

There will also be a new initiative called Living Laboratories, dedicated to interdisciplinary farm research involving farmers and scientists. The laboratory will cost $10 million.

The remaining $16 million is committed for federal research projects that affect the agricultural sector, like environmental issues.