Windsor's Adventure Bay water park to learn from 'scary' accident at Kalahari

Windsor's city-owned water park is taking a closer look at its own emergency protocols after a massive air duct came crashing down inside the Kalarhari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio.

"It's foolish for us to think that ... something similar couldn't happen."

Jen Knights, manager of the Adventure Bay Family Water Park, wants to look at improving safety protocols because of what happened in Sandusky, Ohio. (Jason Viau/CBC)

Windsor's city-owned water park is taking a closer look at its own emergency protocols after a massive air duct came crashing down inside the Kalarhari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio.

Five people left with minor injuries Monday when the air duct  suddenly fell from the ceiling into a pool area where people were swimming. It's a popular spot for people in Windsor-Essex however, none of the injured were Canadian.

At least two families from the Windsor region were inside when the "chaos" unfolded.

Now, managers at Windsor's Adventure Bay Family Water Park are watching closely to see why exactly an air duct unexpectedly fell from the ceiling, and how that water park handled the emergency response.

"It's foolish for us to think that — despite our best efforts — that something similar couldn't happen," said Jen Knights, manager of Adventure Bay Family Water Park and the aquatic centre.

"We feel we planned so that isn't going to happen."

Air ducts at Windsor's Adventure Bay Family Water Park. (Jason Viau/CBC)

She hopes the incident at Kalahari will ultimately create safer protocols and attractions in Windsor.

Lifeguards and staff practice full fire evacuations at least once a year. They also do mock-emergencies and ride malfunctions on a "regular basis."

"We also practice for major medical emergencies. We also train for emergencies that may happen with one of the attractions," said Knights. 

In the event of a full evacuation, meeting places are designated at the Art Gallery next door and Transit Windsor terminal across the street. They also have bins of evacuation towels to keep people warm in the winter months.

A large portion of duct fell into the pool area at a Kalahari water resort in Sandusky, Ohio on Monday. Several Windsor families were at the resort when it happened. (Courtesy Brandon Alliet)

"With volumes of people that we have at the parks, especially on weeks like this, it is a challenge but that's why we have the protocol in place," said Knights. 

Water park staff are also equipped with two-way radios in the event young children need to be reunited with their families. Although, it's a park policy that anyone aged five and under must be within arms-reach of a guardian.

Officials also suggest each family discuss a meeting spot in the event of an emergency.