Accessibility mats approved for Sandpoint Beach

The accessibility committee is asking council for $37,500 to provide special mats and wheelchairs for disabled people to have access to Sandpoint Beach

City council approves $37,500 to buy mats and wheelchairs to improve accessibility at Sandpoint Beach

City council to decide whether to instal accessible mats at Sandpoint Beach. (Courtesy: Deschamps Mat Systems)

Windsor city councillors on Monday approved the purchase of mats to improve access to Sandpoint Beach for people in wheelchairs.

The mats will create a non-slip surface leading from the paved walkway at the south end of the beach to the water's edge. More mats, stretching east to west will then provide access to other areas of the beach.

Council also approved the purchase of two water wheelchairs, which will allow people to go into the water.

The mats will be stored away during winter months and installed in the spring.