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'Be a Santa to a Senior' program is back, collecting gifts for seniors who experience holiday loneliness

It's troubling to think that anybody who cherishes Christmas time might go without a gift, but it happens, particularly to seniors, many of whom live in isolation — especially this year, when everyone is limiting their social activities.
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Social barriers in Windsor school community with province's largest COVID-19 outbreak amplify risk

The province's largest school outbreak is taking place in a Windsor neighbourhood that faces a number of social barriers that are known to facilitate the spread of COVID-19.

Indigenous art set to soar on Gordie Howe International Bridge project

Several enormous paintings created by three artists — Teresa Altiman and Daisy White of Walpole Island First Nation and Naomi Peters of Caldwell First Nation — will rise into the air up to 220 metres as the tower on this side of the border is constructed.

Lockdown help: A breakdown of provincial and federal assistance available

There are multiple programs available to people and businesses during the pandemic. Here's a list of those still available.

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