William Shrubsall found guilty

An American fugitive was found guilty Thursday of a brutal sexual assault in Halifax.

A judge has convicted William Chandler Shrubsall of attacking a woman two years ago.

Shrubsall sat impassively as Associate Chief Justice Michael MacDonald delivered the verdict.

During the trial, Shrubsall testified that he overreacted when the woman slipped a tie around his neck during a massage. He later said he had planned to call ambulance when he realized the woman was unconscious.

The woman testified she had decided to call a taxi after spending the evening with Shrubsall. She said he punched and choked her when she tried to go home.

Justice MacDonald said he found nothing in any of the evidence presented to raise any doubts about the woman's evidence.

As for Shrubsall's testimony, MacDonald said it defied any type of belief or comprehension.

Shrubsall already has three other convictions in Halifax, one for stalking an ex-girlfriend, one for aggravated sexual assault and one for robbing and assaulting a female store clerk.

He'll be in court on Feb. 4 when the Crown applies to have him declared a dangerous offender.

He also has convictions in the United States for sexual assault and beating his mother to death with a baseball bat.