Wall proposed to separate students

A school in Canmore, Alberta may have to build a wall inside the building to separate Catholic and public school students.

Canmore has never had a Catholic school. The Catholic school board in the area wants one but there are not enough students. Now some Catholic supporters have put a proposal to the Alberta government that the Lawrence Grassi Middle School be divided.

The idea is to build a wall within the school to keep the Catholic and public school students apart.

Brian Callaghan is the Superintendent of the Canadian Rockies School Division. He says the Christ the Redeemer Catholic Board insists there be no physical connection between the two groups of students.

"Citizens of Canada and the world in general have been wary of walls and separation. Public education has been inclusive of everyone who has moved into the Canmore area for a long period of time. So it's a notion that will take some getting used to," said Callaghan.

Callaghan says children in Canmore play together freely now, at school and at social and sports events. So a physical barrier in the school will be tough to explain to the children.

The superintendent says a decision on separating the school has to be made soon, to get ready for the next school year.