Visor comments pit Don Cherry against language watchdog

Don Cherry in hot water over visor comments on Hockey Night in Canada.

Don Cherry's opinions about European and French Canadian hockey players have attracted the attention of Parliament's official languages commissioner.

Dyane Adam launched an investigation into the cantankerous Hockey Night in Canada commentator's remarks after a complaint was filed with the CBC ombudsman.

Canadian Parents for French complained about the Jan. 24 broadcast of the Coach's Corner segment of Hockey Night in Canada.

In discussing whether the NHL should make visors mandatory equipment to protect players' eyes, Cherry said, "Most of the guys that wear them are Europeans and French guys."

No formal complaint was made to the languages commissioner's office, but a spokesperson for Adam said "it's an important enough issue that she's going to investigate" whether the comments violate the Official Languages Act.

CBC Sports Online
CBC spokesperson Ruth-Ellen Soles told CBC Sports Online on Thursday that the corporation had yet to be contacted by Adam's office, but "if we're contacted, we plan to co-operate fully."

Soles said Cherry's comments do not represent the views of the CBC.

Cherry has agreed to limit his on-air comments to hockey, Soles said.