Vander Zalm under fire

B.C. Reform President Bill Vander Zalm is under fire and its coming from his own party. Members are questioning Vander Zalm's leadership and they want a closer look at the party's finances.

Ed Klop, the president of the North Cariboo Reform constituency association, says members are unhappy with the way Bill Vander Zalm is leading Reform and that the dissatisfaction is growing. He says, "When something is hidden you have reason to believe that there is something suspicious going on."

Klop says first Vander Zalm was criticized for blocking an attempt to move the party office from the lower mainland to Vernon. Now the main concern is the party's finances. Klop says there are inconsistencies.

Bill Vander Zalm, however, says Reform's books are open for all to see but he does agree the party has financial problems. He says, "The only inconsistency is that we don't have enough finances and that's where Mr. Klop has problems. He wishes to have some money paid back to the constituencies and I don't fault him for that but there isn't enough money."

Vander Zalm says internal fights are normal in political parties. Ed Klop says he's going public with his criticism because the public needs to know the issues before the party's Annual General Meeting in June.