U.S. ambassador to Canada to resign in March

U.S. ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci will leave his post in March.

U.S. ambassador to Canada Paul Cellucci, who has been openly critical of Canadian defence policies, including Ottawa's decision to stay out of the Iraq war, will leave his post in March.

Cellucci, who was ambassador for four years, will enter the private sector, an embassy spokesperson has confirmed.

In a recent interview with the Boston Globe, the 56-year-old Cellucci said he was looking for business or law opportunities.

The former governor of Massachusetts said last year he would leave the position after the U.S. election.

Although Cellucci has spoken about the important relationship and friendship the two countries share, he caused controversy in 2003 when he rebuked Canada for not supporting the United States in the war against Iraq, saying "there is disappointment in Washington."

He has also complained that Canada did not spend enough money on defence.