U of T investigates law professor in connection with student cheating scandal

The University of Toronto is investigating one of its law professors in connection with a cheating scandal.

There are allegations as many as 30 first-year students falsified their mid-term marks to get summer jobs.

The university is investigating allegations students were encouraged to cheat by Professor Denise Reaume.

Reaume recently raised concerns in a student newspaper about requests by law firms for mid-term marks from first-year students. She said law firms are not entitled to that information.

CBC News couldn't reach Reaume for a comment, but at least one of her students denies the allegation.

First-year student Sachin Aggarwal, who is in Reaume's class, says the professor was trying to encourage a political statement, but did not try to encourage students to falsify their grades.

Craig Scott teaches at Osgoode Law School, and is a friend of Reaume. He says she's being unfairly scapegoated. Scott says Reaume has been critical of law firms and her law school in the past, and is being singled out.

Scott has written an open letter to law professors, defending Reaume. He calls the investigation of Reaume an assault on academic integrity.

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