Trott charged with Jessica's murder

Twenty-year-old David Trott has been charged with the first degree murder and abduction of nine-year-old Jessica Russell. Trott appeared briefly before Justice C.G. Maltvie in Abbotsford Provincial Court Monday.

Trott was arrested in Kamloops Sunday.

Jessica's body was found in a burned-out trailer near Mission on Friday night. That discovery came a day after she disappeared while Trott was taking her to school in Maple Ridge. Police had issued a Canada-wide warrant for Trott, who was a recent acquaintance of the Russell family.

Residents of the Maple Ridge area have created a small impromptu shrine in Jessica's front yard. They're placing cards, flowers and toys on the lawn. There's the birthday card Jessica made for her father just a few days ago, "From Jessica to Daddy," it reads, "I love you."

There are stuffed animals and numerous bouquets of flowers. A note from an eight-year-old girl says, "Dear Jessica, Jesus and the angels are now taking care of you in heaven."

Jessica's aunt Michelle says she can't believe how much support people in the community are offering. But she says Jessica's father, John, is "a basket case".

An autopsy shows Jessica was strangled.