Trial opens for Latimer prosecutor

A trial begins today for a Saskatchewan prosecutor charged with obstructing justice in the Robert Latimer case. Randy Kirkham allegedly instructed police to ask prospective jurors about their views on mercy killing, abortion and religion.

Kirkham's trial is expected to last two weeks. It will take place in the same Battleford courthouse where Latimer has twice been convicted for killing his severely disabled daughter.

Kirkham was charged two years ago over his handling of Latimer's original trial in 1994. Latimer was found guilty of second-degree murder for killing Tracy with carbon monoxide.

Kirkham is accused of preparing a questionnaire for police to use and allegedly knew they had spoken with some jurors directly. He allegedly failed to tell Latimer's lawyer or the trial judge about the interviews.

The Supreme Court ordered a second trial for Latimer because of jury tampering allegations.