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'We miss him': Ontario dad honours son after death linked to alleged poison seller Kenneth Law

Stephen Mitchell Jr., from Toronto, was 21 when he died in March. His name is one among 14 listed in Ontario court records as belonging to victims of Kenneth Law, who is accused of abetting suicides. Mitchell's father is remembering him as a "great young man."

Federal Speaker defends Ontario Liberal convention message as personal, non partisan — but pledges more diligence in future

Speaker of the House Greg Fergus says his video message to an Ontario Liberal leadership convention was personal in nature, but acknowledged some could see it in another way and promised to be "more diligent" in the future.

New fee in the bag? Toronto committee approves minimum price for reusable bags

A key city committee is recommending Toronto move ahead with a minimum fee for reusable bags to drive shoppers towards more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Indigo bookstore vandalism sparks debate over definition of antisemitism

The vandalism of an Indigo book store in Toronto illustrates the challenges that may come with both defining antisemitism, and when anti-Israel actions or sentiment cross the line from legitimate protest to hate.

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