York Regional Police video touts no-luxury 'suites' for impaired drivers

In a series of tongue-in-cheek tweets and a funny YouTube video, York Police are touting their 'no-luxury accommodations' (also known as jail) for impaired drivers.

Listed amenities include zero thread count sheets, 24-hour florescent lighting

Just in time for New Year's Eve, York Regional Police have released a special offer and a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign directed at impaired drivers. 

In a series of tweets and a funny YouTube video, the force north of Toronto promotes its "L'Hotel York Regional Police" which features, among other amenities, a "no-expense-paid night of bottom-level luxury and windowless wonder."

The tweets also tout the force's "complimentary chauffeur service" and vehicle transfer to an impound lot where impaired drivers "will pay dearly for its return." 

Other listed amenities include: 

  • A very "open concept" in-suite layout with exposed toilets and stainless steel bathroom fixtures.
  • Around-the-clock fluorescent lighting.
  • Zero thread count sheets.
  • Professional 24-hour surveillance.

The tweets also list alternate accommodations for impaired drivers such as a "hospital express shuttle service" or "long-term residency" at the morgue. 

"We strive to make your stay as awful as the crime you've committed," says the voice-over on a YouTube video that accompanies the tweets.  

The campaign was well-received on Twitter early Wednesday, with many praising the force's innovative approach to the "don't drive impaired" message. 


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