Wynne sets sights on long-term goals

In an interview with CBC News Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says improving education will be her first priority.

'We have no intention of calling an election. I intend to govern'

Full interview with Premier Kathleen Wynne. 14:59

Premier Kathleen Wynne is looking at reforms to the province's school system as a way to help future generations find employment. 

In an interview with CBC News, Wynne said she wants to work with her education minister on improving what kids are taught in class.

Now that her minority government has another year of life in it, with the budget passed, Wynne is setting to tackle Ontario's long-term problems, such as unemployment.

"It's particularly hard to govern when you're dealing with a global economic situation that is really not very positive," she said.

Wynne says one way to prevent Ontario from slipping behind in the future is to expand the role of the province's school systems.

"Helping kids to develop their innovation skills and entrepreneurial skills, that's going to make a difference 10 years from now.  And so that's a priority for me." 

She's not convinced Ontario is doing enough to foster those kind of skills.

"I believe kids come in with enthusiasm for learning. It's up to the education system not to squelch that — but in fact to draw on that and draw that out . So that's work that I'm hoping to be able to do over the coming months," the premier said.

Wynne is also pledging to serve her full term.

"We have no intention of calling an election. I intend to govern."

Unless the opposition parties bring down her government, Wynne doesn't have to go to the polls until fall 2015.