Woman demands reimbursement from Peterborough hospital for wait time

Woman demands $112.50 for 90-minute wait and injection that was previously free

Leslie Ellins claims she was made to wait 90 minutes for an injection

An Ontario woman is suing her local hospital for making her wait 90 minutes for a cortisone injection. (CBC)

An Ontario woman wants to be reimbursed for waiting nearly 90 minutes for an injection she says would take a minute.

Leslie Ellins, a financial planner from Buckhorn, Ont., claims four patients were scheduled to see the same doctor at Peterborough Regional Health Centre on April 14.

Ellins says she was upset after finding out that the patients could not leave while the doctor and his staff took a lunch break, but says the final straw was being asked to pay $25 for a cortisone injection that had previously been offered for free.

She says she sent the hospital a letter — because she was "disgusted with the whole thing" — along with a bill.

"I sent them their bill back along with my bill for my time and deducted their cost from it," Ellins says, adding that she charges $75 per hour for her bookkeeping services.

She says she doesn't expect the hospital to pay up nor will she accept payment but wanted to make a point.

"There was absolutely no respect from any of the people there for the fact it was our time and we waited an extended period of time for a booked appointment," Ellins said. "It was just ridiculous!"

She said The Peterborough Regional Health Centre apologized for "the unpleasant experience" and told her they would investigate the incident and contact her next week.

Ellins said her story has "resonated with so many people because we all experience it."

She says the "system is very broken and needs to be fixed.

"Our health care has a culture where the patient is the last person in line. We're not the customer to be treated with respect and courtesy," Ellins said. "The whole concept should be that they are our employees. We pay their salaries."

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