What's Seth Rogen doing with the TTC?

A photo of Seth Rogen with the TTC spokesperson is sparking rumours about a potential partnership.

Photo of actor and TTC spokesperson sparks rumours of potential partnership

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross tweeted this photo with Seth Rogen on Monday afternoon, hinting at a potential partnership with the Vancouver-born actor. (Twitter/Brad Ross)

Are Seth Rogen's raspy tones headed for the Toronto Transit Commission?

Last week the Canadian comedy star announced he's going to be the guest voice of Metro Vancouver's transit authority.

And on Monday, TTC spokesman Brad Ross hinted on Twitter that Rogen may do something similar in Toronto.

Ross tweeted a photo of himself and Rogen standing beside a microphone.

Rogen is wearing a black cap with the words "Bloor-Yonge," which is a TTC subway station.

"What is fellow Canadian and public transit user @Sethrogen doing posing for a selfie with me — in a .TTC Bloor-Yonge ball cap, no less? Stay tuned!" Ross tweeted, sparking rumours that Rogen may also be doing voice work for the TTC.

CBC News reached out to Ross, who said more information will come on Tuesday.

New voice for Vancouver transit

Rogen volunteered to be the voice for Metro Vancouver's TransLink as a replacement for Morgan Freeman.

In May, TransLink halted public announcements voiced by Freeman following allegations of harassment and inappropriate behaviour against the Oscar winner.

Actor Seth Rogen was born in Vancouver, and will be the new 'guest voice' of the city's transit system. (Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

TransLink said Rogen's distinctive voice and laugh will be heard on transit platforms, SkyTrains and buses across the region in the coming weeks and into the fall.

His voice messages will cover transit etiquette as well as "interesting tidbits" about the area and his relationship to Metro Vancouver.

Rogen, who was born in Vancouver, said he grew up taking public transportation and still does whenever he's in the city.