Voters surprised to learn they're not on the voter's list

With five days before the Toronto municipal election, CBC news has learned some people appear to have been dropped from the voter's list.
Voters in Toronto's municipal election head to the polls on Monday. Some were surprised to find their names are not on the voter's list. (CBC)

With five days before Toronto voters head to the polls, CBC news has learned some people appear to have been dropped from the voter's list, even though they haven't moved or changed their name since the last election.

Lifelong Toronto resident Jan Normandale has lived at the same address for 15 years.

He was shocked to learn not only he, but also his wife, son and daughter — who now lives in another part of town — are not registered to vote.

"I think they better get it straightened up and fast," said Normandale. "There's a flaw here somewhere. First time ever I've not been on a voters list."

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation provides the voters list to the city.

Arthur Anderson, MPAC's director of municipal relations, isn't able to say how many people are not on this year's list.

"We have heard some reports that people have been left off [the list]. We are looking into some of those issues, working with the city."

Voters whose names are on the voter's list should by now have received a voter identification card in the mail.

Voters not on the list can still vote by showing up at the polls on election day with their identification. However having a voter card helps speed up the voting process on election day.

In Normandale's case, he may have been dropped because the four-plex he lives in was converted into a condo.

MPAC says voters who register in this election will have their name on the voter's list for the next one.

That comes as little comfort to Normandale.

"I think it's a cavalier attitude to take. 'Well we'll get to it next time.' I mean, that's a slough off."

MPAC won't know for sure how many voters were left off the list until after the election.


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