Twitter harassment case continues

A Toronto man was back in court on Wednesday, facing charges regarding comments he made on Twitter.

Toronto man charged for comments made on social media

A Toronto man was back in court on Wednesday, facing charges regarding comments he made on Twitter.

Gregory Alan Elliott has been charged with criminal harassment following a series of tweets between him and three women.

Police admit many of the messages were vulgar and inappropriate. Hundreds of these messages between Elliott and the women were presented in court Wednesday.

“It’s not new laws, it’s not new behaviour, it’s just a new medium, “ said Const. Nathan Dayler.

Although no specific threats were made in the messages, police say the charges are still valid.

“The messages received by the victims were such that they felt threatened, they felt concerned, they asked for the messages to stop and they continued,” Dayler said.

According to Adam Goodman, a criminal defence lawyer, for taunts to be considered a crime there has to be repeated communication and a fear for one’s safety.

“You have to be careful. Criminal harassment and freedom of speech can often cross lines, but the question is, 'Is what you’re saying actually fearful and causing somebody to legitimately fear for their safety?'” Goodman said.

Elliott’s trial continues Thursday.