TTC trying out new maps

The TTC is testing new, improved maps that it hopes will make it easier to figure out bus routes and help riders find their way in the neighbourhood.

No changes planned to iconic subway map

The TTC is also planning to make changes to the bus poles across the city. (Courtesy TTC)

The Toronto Transit Commission is trying out some new, improved maps.

The old maps were large — and many customers said they were confusing and hard to read.

"Our customers basically told us they weren't very usable and they weren't using them," said the TTC's head of customer service Chris Upfold.

The new maps don't take in as much area and the TTC says it hopes the changes will give people a better idea of where they are and how to get around. 

And it's not just the maps in the bus shelters that will change. 

The TTC is also redesigning the bus poles to include more information . 

"On the old sign ... you knew a bus operated at that stop all day, but you didn't t know which one," Upfold said.

The redesign will also include information on how to find out exactly when the next bus is coming.

To start with the changes are being tested on the Wellesley 94 route.

On Tuesday, most riders said they like what they see.

They said the maps were "easy to understand" and "simpler."

TTC CEO Andy Byford said the redesign is long overdue.

"We are consulting with customers to make sure we redesign the map so it is very, very user friendly," he said.

Upfold hopes that the new maps will be rolled out across TTC bus and streetcar routes by next year.

He stresses there are no plans to change or alter the TTC's iconic subway map.