TTC to experiment with Wi-Fi

By the end of the year the TTC says it hopes to have Wi-Fi service on two of its subway platforms.
The TTC will experiment with Wi-Fi access at two subway stations. (Canadian Press)

The TTC is taking a step to provide customers with Wi-Fi access.

By the end of the year the transit authority says it hopes to have Wi-Fi service on two of its subway platforms.

London, New York, Hong Kong, Paris even Santiago, Chile already provide Wi-Fi service inside their subway stations.

Montreal has had Wi-Fi for the past 10 years.

"It hasn't been a priority for the TTC. It now is.  Customer service is becoming a big priority," said TTC spokesman Brad Ross.

Toronto hopes that if the experiment works at the Yonge-Bloor and St. George stations that it will be rolled out across the network over the next four years.

Broadcast Australia was chosen to install the wireless network.  It will also cover the estimated $25 million cost.

Transit advocates say Wi-Fi will be a win for riders, but the TTC still needs to focus on getting more funding. .

Jessica Bell of, says the city needs "more buses, more streetcars, more subways out there, so that people can get to work, or where they need to go quickly.  That's the biggest issue."

For customers worried that they'll end up sitting beside riders shouting into their cellphones - the TTC says Wi-Fi access will only be available on the platforms, not in the tunnels.