TTC streetcar hits elderly woman

An elderly woman struck by a TTC streetcar and then pinned beneath it near Queen Street and Spadina Avenue was rushed to St. Michael's Hospital Thursday.

Pedestrian pinned under streetcar but expected to recover

An elderly woman is loaded onto a stretcher after she was struck by a streetcar at Spadina Avenue and Queen Street. The pedestrian was freed from under the streetcar and rushed to hospital. (CBC)

An elderly woman struck by a TTC streetcar and then pinned beneath it near Queen Street and Spadina Avenue was rushed to St. Michael's Hospital Thursday.

Miraculously, police say the pedestrian only suffered minor injuries.

The pedestrian was freed from beneath the streetcar by emergency personnel and placed into an ambulance around 3:45 p.m.

CBC's Priya Sankaran spoke with witnesses who described the accident, saying the woman had been trying to cross the busy intersection when she was struck.

The accident happened just north of the intersection at Spadina and Queen, near the pedestrian island and streetcar stop.

Joseph Mario was standing in front of a hair salon across the street from where the woman was struck. He said she'd been trying to cross the tracks.

Woman was semi-conscious, moaning

"The driver had enough time …He had enough time to stop, so what he did was he 'beeped beeped' the horn, and oh my God," he said. 

"I'm not sure what way she was coming from, and she got sandwiched under. That's what I saw and heard."

Mario added that the woman was semi-conscious and could be heard moaning.

Emergency workers and fire crews were able to free the woman from under the streetcar after about 20 minutes, Sankaran reported.

Traffic in both directions has been shut down at Spadina as the investigation into the accident continues, and is expected to reopen by 6 p.m.