TTC passengers evacuate subway cars as sparks fly on Bloor Viaduct

Arcing electricity forced a one-hour shutdown of the TTC's Bloor line early Sunday morning, and officials say they will not know if there will be an ongoing issue with the bridge.

Service stopped for an hour; 75 passengers evacuate to Broadview Station on foot

Sparks were flying on the Bloor Viaduct Sunday morning, shortly after midnight. Transit service on a portion of the east-west line was shut down for one hour as a result of what officials called "electrical arcing." (Twitter user @KrisReports)

Sparks were flying on Toronto's Bloor Viaduct Sunday morning, forcing a one-hour closure of trains on a section of the east-west line of the city's transit system as 75 passengers were ordered to evacuate on foot.

Toronto transit (TTC)  spokeswoman Sarah Currie said "electrical arcing" caused the sparks that could be seen cascading downward from the massive bridge that spans the Don River.

Passengers were stranded on the bridge between Castle Frank Station and Broadview Station, when the incident occurred. According to TTC, 75 passengers were escorted by foot to Broadview Station.

Firefighters arrived at the viaduct — about 30 metres from the Broadview station — just after midnight and found two large cables burned through to the deck that the train's rails sit upon.

TTC officials say it's difficult to tell what caused the arcing because it is still under investigation, and they will not know if there will be an ongoing issue with the bridge. However, they did say no injuries were reported and the bridge re-opened about an hour later.


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