TTC overhauling its public washrooms

The Toronto Transit Commission is going through a major upgrade of its washrooms at 10 subway stations and is promising to clean them more often.

'The TTC is committed to cleaning up its image,' new CEO says

TTC washroom upgrades

12 years ago
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Featured VideoThe TTC is upgrading 10 of its public washrooms and promising to clean them more often, Charlsie Agro reports.

The Toronto Transit Commission is going through a major upgrade of its washrooms at 10 subway stations and is promising to clean them more often.

TTC CEO Andy Byford, who officially took his new post on Tuesday, said the clean-up is meant to show passengers the TTC is committed to cleaning up its image.

"That will not cost the taxpayer or the rider…even an extra cent," he said. "We have found that money by reshuffling budgets and reshuffling and rescheduling resources within the company."

The upgrades, which began at Eglinton Station in 2011, include new wall tiles, floor finishes, hand dryers, heaters, urinals, ventilation and partitions, as well as improvements to lighting and signage.

"I don't mind using these washrooms," said Fadesha Alexander, a customer at Finch Station. "I'll put my purse down on the floor for the first time."

The upgrades will affect all 10 public TTC washrooms, listed below with their expected upgrade completion dates:

  • Finch Station (completed)
  • Kipling Station (completed)
  • Eglinton Station (completed; new hand dryers by June 1)
  • Bloor-Yonge Station (March 30)
  • Kennedy Station (April 6)
  • Wilson Station (May 18)
  • Don Mills Station (May 18)
  • Downsview Station (June 8)
  • Warden Station (June 15)
  • Sheppard-Yonge Station (June 29)

There will also be an increased focus on cleanliness, with a pilot project underway that sees cleaning and restocking increased from every 4.5 hours to every 90 minutes, and a "major clean" including power washing taking place five times a week, up from once a week.

The pilot project is being used in two washrooms, with the hope of expanding it to all public washrooms "based on lessons learned from the pilot," a TTC news release said.