TTC marks 28B riders

A Toronto woman has become rider number 28,000,000,000 on the TTC.

Kathy Dillon was just heading to a class at the University of Toronto when she found herself surrounded by media and TTC officials.

On Tuesday morning Dillon became TTC rider number 28,000,000,000.

Her prize: a free Metropass for the next year.

"How amazing you just never know what's going to crop up in a lifetime," said Dillon.  "I was thrilled really, it's nice to be recognized."

The TTC has been counting customers since it came into existence 90 years ago and it estimated that it would pass the 28 billion mark on Oct, 18,

It recently hit a record of 1.7 million rides in a single day and has the third largest ridership in North America — after Mexico City and New York.

Dillon has been riding the subways, busses and streetcars her entire life — something that she'll be able to enjoy for free for the next 12 months.