2 Scarborough families displaced after TTC bus slams into houses

Two families were forced from their homes overnight when a transit bus slammed into two houses in the Scarborough area of Toronto, causing extensive damage to both.

No one injured in the crash, according to police

Toronto police Insp. Jim Gotell said he believes 'there may be some structural damage' to the homes after a TTC bus slammed into them. (Tony Smyth/CBC)

Two families were forced from their homes overnight when a transit bus slammed into two houses in the Scarborough area of Toronto, causing extensive damage to both.

Toronto police Insp. Jim Gotell said officers first responded to the crash scene near the corner of Grackle Trail and Oasis Boulevard around 1:35 a.m. ET after receiving multiple calls from the public.

The Toronto Transit Commission bus was unoccupied at the time, Gotell said.

The driver was taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution.

Images from the scene show the bus appears to have hopped a curb on Oasis Boulevard before crashing into the two houses. No one inside the homes was injured.

Security video from two different angles shows the moment a TTC bus slammed into two homes. 0:24

Enzo Ghanizada drives a tow truck and was the first person to respond to the crash.

"It was a very, very bad scene," he said.

Ghanizada said four cars were also damaged and the driver walked out of the bus under her own power.

"She was just dazed. She came out, not sure what just happened. Very nervous and shaken up."

The crash also caused significant damage to a number of vehicles parked outside the homes. (Paul Smith/CBC)

Jenitha Anandarajah, who lives in the home that was not as badly damaged, was asleep when the bus slammed into the exterior of her house. 

"I heard this sound, a big blast, like a bomb blast," said Anandarajah, who was shaking as she spoke to CBC Toronto.

"It was shocking."

Her neighbour, Ruby Mohan, was also asleep along with her husband and three children when the bus came careening into her house. She said her eldest daughter usually sleeps in the bedroom directly above the garage. Overnight, however, the young girl had decided to sleep with her sister instead. 

Now she is too scared to return to her room, Mohan said.

The crash marks the third time a vehicle has left the roadway at a bend adjacent to their home. Mohan said. While the other two incidents were not nearly as severe, she worries for the safety of her family. 

In a twist of irony, the families had to spend the night sheltered in a TTC bus. 

Police said it's unclear when or if the families will be able to return home. (Paul Smith/CBC)

Toronto police's traffic services and crews with Toronto Fire were at the location throughout the morning, while TTC personnel worked to recreate the circumstances of the collision. On Thursday afternoon, a spokesperson for the TTC said the bus driver has been suspended with pay while the investigation is ongoing. 

An engineer has been called in to assess the extent of damage to the houses.

"We're concerned there may be some structural damage to the house," Gotell said.

Police expect the families to be out of their homes for at least the duration of Thursday and possibly longer.


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