TTC board approves 2-hour, time-based transfers for PRESTO users

The TTC board approved a plan Tuesday to let riders who use the PRESTO card get on and off transit vehicles multiple times with just one fare.

The policy was approved by the TTC Board on Tuesday for implementation in August 2018

Starting next August, Toronto transit riders will be able to use a PRESTO Smart Card to hop on and off TTC vehicles multiple times within a two-hour period. (CBC)

The TTC board approved a plan Tuesday to let riders who use the PRESTO card get on and off transit vehicles multiple times with just one fare.

The two-hour transfer policy is scheduled to be implemented in August of 2018. 

The new policy will allow commuters to hop on and off transit vehicles as many times as they need within a two-hour window while only paying a single fare.

"The greatest benefit from this policy change stems from reducing the cost of transit, making it more affordable for multiple short distance trips, thereby giving TTC customers the flexibility they require to carry out everyday activities," the report by TTC staff said. 

The policy is estimated to cost $11.1 million in 2018 based on an implementation in August and a full-year cost of $20.9 million as of 2020. 

It will also add five million customer trips per year, TTC staff say.

The report says the change will help provide quality, flexible and competitive transit service to customers. 

"[The policy] will help reduce the financial barrier and make transit more affordable for low-income riders. It will provide customers with greater access to the system, and an ability to make multiple short trips on one fare," the report said.

The policy will go before city council for consideration in the 2018 budget.