'True' Toronto locations to visit, according to a tour guide and CBC listeners

How would Metro Morning listeners show off their city? By exploring Queen Street by streetcar or catching a ferry to the Toronto Islands.

City saw 14 million overnight visitors last year, according to Tourism Toronto

Plenty of tourists have taken selfies at the Toronto sign put up during the Pan Am Games at Nathan Phillips Square, but a tour guide and CBC listeners share 'true' Toronto spots to visit. (Rebecca Blackwell/Associated Press)

According to Tourism Toronto, visitors are flocking to this city in record numbers. And last year, international and domestic tourists spent $7 billion in town.

But where should a tourist go after they've finished with taking a selfie at the CN Tower?

For more on what this city offers the rest of the world, CBC's Metro Morning dropped in on a tour guide taking a group around Toronto.

"There's actually a lot of stuff I didn't know [about Toronto] until I started working here," says Greg, a ticketing agent and tour guide for one of City Sightseeing's omnipresent double-decker buses.

"My personal favourite spot is the Art Gallery of Ontario just because I myself rather enjoy art," he says. "But my favourite place to show people is definitely our Distillery District."

Toronto's Distillery District is one tour guide's favourite place to show visitors, and he says he's never met someone who was disappointed after visiting. (Canadian Press/Frank Gunn)

"I've never met anyone who had a bad time there. Everyone loves the shopping, loves the art, loves the atmosphere," he adds.

"The Distillery District is definitely my number one recommendation for tourists, for sure."

Greg also encourages visitors to explore Toronto's many "ethnic enclaves" such as Koreatown.

But he believes the city's main draw is its historical sites, praising Toronto's penchant for preserving its history.

"The thing I'm personally proud of about our city is our Heritage Trust Act, our law that protects our historical sites," he says.

"I love that our city is trying to hold on to just these facets of history without trying to build over them or even just demolish them in general, so I love being able to share the fact that we are holding on to our history here in Toronto."

Listeners weigh in on 'true' Toronto spots

Metro Morning also asked its listeners on Twitter where they would take a tourist to show them the "true" Toronto. Here are a few of their picks:


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