Mayor John Tory congratulates Trudeau on 'impressive' victory

Toronto Mayor John Tory is congratulating prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau “on an impressive victory” in Monday’s federal election.

Tory also thanked Stephen Harper 'for his service to our country'

Mayor Tory on Trudeau's win

7 years ago
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Toronto Mayor John Tory congratulates Prime Minister designate Justin Trudeau

Mayor John Tory said Justin Trudeau's win and the number of Liberal candidates elected in Toronto, reflect the city's values.

Twice in his speech Tuesday morning, Tory said this is a government that will "advance Toronto's interests."

Tory was at the Blue Jays game last night when he called the prime minister designate to congratulate him and heard from Trudeau himself that the Liberals had swept the GTA.

The mayor praised a number of new members of the Liberal team, including former city councillor Adam Vaughan, former federal incumbent, Crystia Freeland, former Toronto police chief Bill Blair and Bill Morneau, who won Toronto Centre. 

"He is a shining addition" with an "outstanding business background." 

Tory also said there's reason to be optimistic about transit, since the Liberal leader's platform included an "expanded and stable transit file" and funding for Tory's own platform promise, SmartTrack.

On housing, Tory said he expects more affordable housing and infrastructure funds to repair social housing, which he said the city has reached its limits on repairing with property taxes alone.

The results and strong voter turnout sends a message that "people are hopeful. They want a change and they voted for it." Tory said in the past there had been enough of "polarized debate and conflict with each other when they represent the same people."

Knowing personally what it feels like to run for office and lose, Tory congratulated and encouraged all candidates as it's "not easy to accept a loss."

Of the outgoing government, Tory paid a tribute to former finance minister, Joe Oliver, who the mayor said remains completely committed to the city.

And he thanked Prime Minister Stephen Harper who "treated me and Toronto with complete respect." He said part of Harper's legacy is as the first prime minister in history to establish a national fund for transit, the effects of which will be seen after the former leader's tenure.

In the statement he issued last night, Tory congratulated Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair "on hard-fought campaigns."

"Putting your name forward for public office has its rewards and challenges, not only for the leaders, but also for their families. Both Mr. Harper and Mr. Mulcair presented a distinct vision for Canada, supported by tireless campaign teams and candidates across the country," Tory said.

"In particular, I would like to acknowledge Prime Minister Harper for his service to our country over the last decade. And I wish him, Laureen and their family well."

Tory also thanked Toronto residents for voting.


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