Jian Ghomeshi trial: Lucy DeCoutere sent letter and emails to accused after alleged assault

Crown attorney Michael Callaghan cut short Friday's hearing at Jian Ghomeshi's sexual assault trial by saying that he had to disclose evidence to the defence related to the third complainant. He had to do the same with complainant Lucy DeCoutere on Thursday.

Complainant sent more than a dozen emails to former CBC Radio host after July 2003

Actor and air force captain Lucy DeCoutere, shown here in October 2014, read emails under cross-examination Friday that talked about her desire to spend more time with the accused, Jian Ghomeshi, after the alleged assault. (Chris So/Toronto Star/Getty)

Crown attorney Michael Callaghan called for an early adjournment at Jian Ghomeshi's sexual assault trial Friday saying that he had to disclose evidence to the defence related to the third complainant.

Callaghan said the woman would be the only other witness he would be calling when court resumes Monday.

The prosecution had to disclose new evidence to defence lawyer Marie Henein Thursday related to more details and potential communications between complainant Lucy DeCoutere and Ghomeshi. DeCoutere told the police she had not been able to find the emails, because they were in an account that was no longer active. 

Henein did find the emails.

She presented several DeCoutere said she did not remember sending — as well as a handwritten letter Henein said the actress and RCAF captain sent days after the date in which she alleges Ghomeshi slapped and choked her.

Jian Ghomeshi arrives at the Ontario Court of Justice in Toronto on Friday. (David Donnelly/CBC)

​Henein suggested that DeCoutere was lying about the assault, but the complainant responded that she was not and that it had happened. 

The suggestion came after the lawyer asked DeCoutere to read the last line of the letter.

"I love your hands," DeCoutere read.

She later told the Crown that her letter sounds apologetic at times.

"Like I've done something wrong and there's a tone to it that's almost placating somebody," she said.

DeCoutere's lawyer, Gillian Hnatiw, told reporters outside the courthouse that the trial remains "about Mr. Ghomeshi's conduct and not about Lucy's."

Ghomeshi, 48, has pleaded not guilty to four counts of sexual assault and one of choking to overcome resistance, with the charges involving three women. He is being tried by judge alone.

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