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Trevor Dunn is an award-winning journalist with CBC Toronto. Since 2008 he's covered a variety of topics, ranging from local and national politics to technology on the South American countryside. Trevor is interested in uncovering news: real estate, crime, corruption, art, sports. Reach out to him. Se habla español.

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How a Koreatown restaurant is getting by with a little help from its friends amid COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to devastate local restaurants, a longstanding family-run business in Toronto’s Koreatown is in danger of shutting down. But thanks to some friends who are pitching in by waiting on tables and washing dishes, Korean Village is getting by for now.

'Angels in the city': How a Toronto community helped a man — and his cats — stay off the streets

Bryan Bowler lost his job and was facing eviction, but the 70-year-old only wanted to find a home for his two cats, Garfield and Misty. That's when people in his community stepped in to help all three of them.

'Safer than being inside': Outdoor classrooms taking shape in Toronto amid COVID-19

With COVID-19 cases spiking in Toronto just days before classes resume, parents and staff at one school are setting up outdoor classrooms ahead of next week’s much anticipated return to class at Canada’s largest school board.

Thousands of accounting students are checking in at hotels across Canada. And no, it's not for a vacation

The pandemic has posed a challenge for the national body that represents the accounting profession. Because its final exam for CPA students couldn't be put online, it's rented thousands of hotel rooms so students can take the test and physically distance at the same time.
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Ontario jury trials to resume next week — but not in a courtroom

Faced with a major backlog of cases and pandemic health concerns, Ontario Superior Court is resuming jury trials next week by moving the jury selection process out of the courtroom and into the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, CBC Toronto has learned.

Nuit Blanche Toronto opens Saturday night. Here's what you can see

Nuit Blanche Toronto is Saturday September 29.

'Reconnecting us to the wastelands': AGO's new photo exhibit shows what humanity's doing to the planet

A new exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario, called Anthropocene, seeks to reveal the way human activity is transforming the planet.

Enbridge apologizes for Toronto man's 'incredibly painful' $2,780 gas bill

Enbridge is apologizing after billing a Toronto man nearly $3,000 and then taking months to resolve what appears to be their mistake.

Her business is in Toronto, but this art dealer now needs a work permit to go to U.S.

A Toronto art dealer was denied entry to the U.S. and told she requires a work permit.

200 more officers, 1 less shooting: Toronto police gun violence strategy ends with uncertain results

A project that put extra frontline police officers on Toronto streets during the summer has come to an end, but it’s not yet clear what the initiative accomplished.

He shoots, he smokes: Former NHLer pitches pot to hockey players

On the ice, Riley Cote was a tough guy who often encouraged his opponents to drop their gloves. Now, the retired National Hockey League enforcer is asking hockey players to drop their alcohol and opioids, so they can pick up pot.

Suicide Prevention Day: After their son died, a dream was born

Deborah and David Cooper's son Eli took his own life in 2010 after a long struggle with mental illness. Now they're working to create a unique treatment facility for young adults living with mental illness.

Sometimes big surf hits Toronto beaches — but city lifeguards aren't trained for it

Toronto lifeguards are not trained to rescue swimmers in powerful surf conditions, even though ocean-like waves and dangerous currents can sometimes occur in Lake Ontario.

Danforth killer had no criminal record, but guns, gangs and drugs weren't far away

The man who shot and killed multiple people on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue last Sunday had no criminal record, but illicit activity — including guns, drugs and street gangs — was not far from Faisal Hussain.

Wild downtown Toronto police chase involved popular rappers

Two of the men at the centre of a wild police chase in downtown Toronto last month are up-and-coming rapper siblings with a large and loyal following of fans.