Here's how Torontonians are weathering today's storm

Despite the snow and freezing rain that have been clogging the city's streets and forcing most people to stay indoors, many people are out enjoying the city.

'Tis the season for this kind of weather'

Pam Gordon, left, and her dog, Cali, go walking every day by Toronto's waterfront for seven hours, no matter the weather. They're pictured here Sunday being interviewed by CBC's Natalie Nanowski. (Keith Burgess/CBC)

Pam Gordon walks her dog, Cali, for seven hours every day — and today is no exception. 

Despite the snow and freezing rain that have been clogging the city's streets and forcing most Torontonians to stay indoors, Gordon says people just have to dress for the weather and they'll be fine. 

"Boots, ski socks, ski suit, four sweaters, good gloves, good hat, off we go," she told CBC Toronto Sunday afternoon. 

"People are staying in the house, and it's like, why? We walk all over the place, I love it." 

Gordon and her pooch aren't the only ones braving the storm. 

Martin Pane drove his family to Toronto from Bowmanville, Ont. Sunday morning in hopes of taking his kids to the Toronto Christmas Market. 

But no such luck — the flurries and freezing rain closed the market, as well as other scheduled events in the Greater Toronto Area, including the Mississauga and Burlington Santa Claus parades. 

Martin Pane, right, with his two kids, smiling through the storm. (Keith Burgess/CBC)

"We'll find another time, we've still got a month before Christmas," he said, adding that the ginger cookies and hot chocolates they picked up from one of the few venders still open helped warm their spirits and prepare them for the drive home. 

"It's better to be safe then sorry." 

Ryan Vickers and Dave Taugher are also trying to stay positive, despite the fact that they bought tickets for the market weeks ago. 

"It's so beautiful out," Taugher said, who travelled from Aurora to come to the city. "It's really easy to get through the bakery." 

The pair took the GO train before hopping on the TTC and, like many other people outside today, they're bundled in layers of winter gear to keep warm. 

Dave Taugher, left, and Ryan Vickers commuted to Toronto Sunday in an attempt to visit the Toronto Christmas Market, which closed due to weather. (Keith Burgess/CBC)

"I got a scarf in the backpack, just for when it gets really dire," Vickers said with a laugh. 

"'Tis the season for this kind of weather,' Taugher added. 

'It's harsh and it hurts your face'

According to an Environment Canada advisory issued around 11 a.m. Sunday, the "wintry mix" of rain, flurries, ice pellets and freezing rain will transition to snow by late afternoon. 

The city can expect an accumulation of around 5 cm of snow by the end of today. 

"It's harsh and it hurts your face," nine-year-old Chloe Hassberger said of the ice pellets. 

McKayla Cabrias, left, and Chloe Hassberger say they like snow, but not when it's icy snow like today. (Natalie Nanowski/CBC)

She and her friend McKayla Cabrias, also nine years old, are both dressed in "wintry stuff" to try to block out some of the snow. 

"I like snow, but not this snow, it's too thick," Chloe said.  

With files from Natalie Nanowski


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