Toronto sets record, basks in warm weather

Other parts of the country are digging out from winter storms, but Toronto has set a record for the warmest Jan. 12, ever.

Toronto sets record at 14.6 C

Toronto weather record

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8 years ago
Toronto's Sean Denomey describes the sudden heat wave. 1:30

Toronto set a record on Saturday — unofficially — for the warmest Jan. 12, ever, in Canada's largest city.

While other parts of the country are digging out from massive snowfalls, Toronto is basking in spring-like temperatures.

In the late morning the temperature climbed above 9 C, and that set a new all-time high for the date.

Eventually the temperature peaked at 14.6 C.

For Kal Cochrane it was all a little confusing.  He prefers a true Canadian winter.

"People don't know whether they should be planning to go skiing, or go golfing, or skating," he said.

In some cases skating is out of the question.

The city decided to close a few of its outdoor rinks because of the warm weather.

But the heat wave won't last long.

Environment Canada says more seasonal temperatures will return next week. 

By Monday the mercury will be back near the freezing point and later in the week the forecast is for flurries.

But for Barbara Roerick the respite is welcome.

"I love it, yeah," she said. "Because I don't like snow."