Toronto's 330-lb mayor pledges to cut waist

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has publicly pledged to lose weight and is challenging others in cities across Canada to do the same.

Mayor Rob Ford issues challenge

The mayor of Toronto usually deals with weighty issues — but on Monday Rob Ford was dealing with weight issues.

"Enough's enough," said Ford as he kicked off a public campaign to lose weight. "It's the heaviest I've ever been. … I've got young children and this is not healthy."

The mayor and his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, have embarked on a six-month "Cut the Waist Challenge."

In the past Rob Ford has referred to himself as "300 pounds of fun." 

But in reality, as the mayor discovered during the public weigh-in at Toronto City Hall, he carries 330 pounds.

"You can't be running the city, doing all of this, at 330 pounds," he said.

The Ford brothers pledged to lose weight, get healthy and encourage others to follow their example.

"As you all know, over the past year I've worked hard to cut the waste here at city hall. Now I'd invite all Toronto to join me in cutting a different type of waist. I hope that everyone can join me in making a healthy choice and lose weight," said the mayor.

"On June 18 my goal is to be down 50 pounds."

The two politicians are also challenging civic leaders in other cities to take up the challenge.

"We also want to extend a challenge to the rest of the cities across Canada and to get involved in making sure that we live a healthier life and make healthier choices," said Doug Ford, who tipped the scale at 275 pounds.

The mayor was supremely confident that Toronto would come out on top.

"I know the city of Toronto will lose more weight than any other city in North America," he said.

Residents who wish to take part in the campaign can join online