Toronto police propose 2.2% budget increase

The Toronto police services board has approved a new budget that calls for a 2.2 per cent increase.

The budget twists and turns continue at Toronto City Hall.

Late Tuesday, Toronto police Chief Bill Blair said his force can make do with $17 million more in 2011.

The Toronto Police Services Board approved a revised budget that will increase the force’s spending this year — but less than the chief proposed last week. 

The new budget would see a 2.2 per cent increase — down from the three per cent Blair was seeking less than a week ago.

The Toronto force’s budget in 2010 was $888.2 million. The proposed budget for 2011 would be $905.2 million. 

The lion’s share of the $9 million in savings will be achieved by not hiring any new officers in 2011.

The board will also look into contracting out police building cleaning services, which could further reduce costs.

Mayor Rob Ford had directed that all city departments reduce their budgets by five per cent.