Toronto police investigate leaked photo of Blue Jays pitcher Roberto Osuna in holding cell

Toronto police are investigating an apparent leak of a photo of Blue Jays closer Roberto Osuna in a holding cell after he was arrested and charged with assault on Tuesday.

Ontario privacy commissioner has also launched probe of unauthorized release of a CCTV image

On Wednesday morning, a CCTV camera image of Roberto Osuna in a holding cell after his arrest appeared in a Global News story. (Tony Gutierrez/Associated Press)

Two separate investigations are underway into the leak of a photo of Blue Jays closer Roberto Osuna in a holding cell after he was arrested and charged with assault on Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning, a CCTV camera image that showed the 23-year-old reclining in his cell with legs outstretched emerged in a Global News story. 

Toronto police Chief Mark Saunders told CBC Toronto the leak is "not something that I'm very proud of."

He also said he could not explain how the photo ended up online.

"I can tell you that my professional standards is actively investigating and looking into [the leak], and I'm looking for opportunities to prevent this type of behaviour to happen." Saunders said.

Chief Saunders wouldn't say what punishment the person responsible for leaking the photo could face.

"Most of the men and women of the Toronto service force understand the importance of confidentiality and privacy," he said.

"Rest assured that professional standards will do anything and everything that they can do to locate where this came from."

Toronto police Const. David Hopkinson told CBC News the professional standards unit is investigating the leak. 

Hopkinson said he didn't want to comment further and possibly jeopardize the investigation. 

"I'm not going to go into this because it's not standard. It's not something that happens all the time. It's actually quite rare," he said. Police also didn't comment on when the investigation is expected to conclude.

Police have said little about Osuna's charge and would not confirm whether it pertained to domestic assault.

Osuna was released and is due back in court at Old City Hall on June 18 and has been placed on administrative leave by Major League Baseball.

Ontario's privacy commissioner has also confirmed it is looking into "the alleged unauthorized disclosure of a CCTV image" of Osuna. 

The investigation is one of two that Information and Privacy Commissioner Brian Beamish said are being investigated Wednesday.

The other relates to the alleged unauthorized disclosure of police documents by a member of the Peel Regional Police relating to the 2016 arrest of three people over possible cocaine possession. 

The commissioner provided no other details.