Toronto police find another 700 bikes

The recovery of stolen bicycles in Toronto shows no sign of ending. On Monday, police found at least another 700 bikes, pushing the total past 3,000.

The recovery of stolen bicycles in Toronto shows no sign of ending.  On Monday, police found at least another 700 bikes — pushing the total past 3,000.

Police released a statement saying they had executed three more search warrants as part of their ongoing bicycle theft investigation. 

The bikes were found in three more garages rented by Igor Kenk, who is facing charges in the investigation, plus drug-related offences.

Insp. Bryce Evans said in the most recent searches, police received tips from the owners of the garages.

"In this incident, one of the people who owned the facility ... was on the fence, 'Should I call the police or should I not call the police?' If you're in that position and are leasing a property — and worry whether you'll be charged — you're not [going to be charged]. We're doing an investigation and want to recover these bicycles and get them back to their rightful owners," said Evans.

Police also say they wouldn't be surprised if more bikes are recovered.

"Every two or three days we're sitting there executing two or three more search warrants. So it's quite obvious there are more facilities out there," said Evans.

So far, about 10 per cent of the bicycles recovered during police raids over the past 10 days have been returned to their owners.

Last Friday, police said they had recovered 2,439 bicycles from garages and lock-ups in connection their investigation into a suspected stolen-bike ring. With Monday's bikes added, the total is more than 3,000.

By Monday morning, 250 people had recovered their bicycles.

Police are displaying the bikes at two locations. At 35 Strachan Ave., police are showing off 1,100 bikes. Nearby, at 30 Ordnance St., 1,400 bicycles are on hand.

The bicycles will be shown to the public Tuesday, July 28, to Thursday, July 31,from noon to 8 p.m.

Police Supt. Ruth White said anyone who wishes to claim a bike will need to bring something to identify the bicycle, or swear an oath stating that the bicycle belongs to them. Any bicycles not claimed by July 31 will be kept as evidence and the courts will decide what to do with them.

Kenk, 49, the owner of The Bicycle Clinic at 927 Queen St. W., was arrested July 16 and is facing at least 60 charges.

Kenk's wife, Jeanie Chung, surrendered to police and was charged along with her husband and 47-year-old Jean Laveau.