Toronto police called to investigate raccoon break-and-enter

Bandits sporting black masks broke into a house in Toronto's trendy beach neighbourhood. Police were called and managed to evict the thieves using broomsticks.

Break and enter

11 years ago
Duration 1:59
A raccoon invasion spoils the sleep of a Toronto couple.

 A frantic call to Toronto police Thursday morning after a home invasion of a different kind.

Two scared Beach residents escaped without a scratch after senior officers from 55 Division came to the rescue.

Two sergeants as well as other uniformed officers responded after a homeowner called to say raccoons were running around inside their house. 

The homeowners told CBC News they heard noises in the attic. They called a roofer who came out and boarded up a hole — but the roofers action may have trapped a mother and two baby raccoons inside the roof.

After hearing a ruckus in the night the homeowners came out of a bedroom to find the water running in the kitchen sink and raccoons enjoying a buffet on the kitchen counter, courtesy of a fruit basket.

The couple locked themselves in a bedroom, called 911 and when police arrived they tossed them the keys from the bedroom balcony.

Officers used a broom to scare the animals out of the house.

The mother raccoon was separated from her babies in the scramble, but she came back and rescued them just after sun up.


Tony Smyth is a video producer in Windsor. He recently returned to the region after 11 years on the midnight shift in Toronto.