Photojournalist's images showing 'beauty of nature' to be shown at UN climate change meeting

A Toronto photojournalist will have two of her images displayed at COP26. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference is being held in Glasgow, Scotland and kicks off this weekend.

Jo-Anne McArthur of Toronto documents humanity's complex relationship with animals

This Toronto photojournalist's images will be featured at COP26

2 years ago
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Two of Jo-Anne McArthur’s photos will be part of an exhibit held at COP26 in Glasgow, the United Nations climate change conference that starts this weekend. Talia Ricci has more on the impact the local photojournalist hopes her images have.

Jo-Anne McArthur knows the images she captures through her lens can be tough to look at, but she says they're stories that need to be told.

Two of her photos will be part of an exhibit held at COP26, the United Nations climate change conference that starts this weekend in Glasgow, Scotland. One shows a kangaroo surrounded by the charred remains of her home after the 2020 fires in Australia. The other is of a cow in transport at the Bulgaria-Turkey border. 

"These images are proof of the destruction we're creating, they bring us face-to-face with the problems and also the solutions and the beauty of nature," McArthur said.

The exhibit, which will include 10 images, comes from The Earth Project's environmental and biodiversity photography competition. The goal of the competition is to promote the importance of taking care of the planet. 

After the summit, the plan is to take the exhibit on the road to local communities around the world — including Toronto.

McArthur hopes the photos being shared through The Earth Project provoke change.

"All of these animals, this planet, it's worth saving. And one of the joys of photography is we get to show that."


Talia Ricci is a TV, radio and web reporter at CBC Toronto. She enjoys covering offbeat human interest stories and exposing social justice issues. Talia is also an avid traveller and photographer. Her photography has appeared in various publications and exhibits. She lives in Toronto's east end where she enjoys reading and going on long walks to discover the beauty in the city.