Toronto officer accused of texting lewd photo to face police disciplinary hearing

Const. Junior McLaughlin has already admitted to being drunk while guarding a dead body and allegedly tried to kiss a female construction worker while on paid duty. Now he faces four new charges under the Police Service Act, including texting a photo of his genitals to a woman.

Warning: This story contains graphic content

Const. Junior McLaughlin, right, leaving police headquarters in the company of an unidentified officer following a disciplinary hearing in October of 2018. (CBC)

A Toronto police officer who admitted he got drunk while guarding a dead body last year faces more allegations of misconduct under the Police Service Act, involving a "false" sick call and texting a photo of his genitals to a woman.

Const. Junior McLaughlin made his first disciplinary hearing appearance Wednesday on four new charges, including discreditable conduct and deceit. He now faces 11 charges under the Police Services Act.

The latest accusations stem from two incidents earlier this year — an alleged sexual encounter with a woman he had been ordered not to contact, and a sick call he made that police say was "false."  

McLaughlin is alleged to have texted a woman a photo of his genitals before meeting her while in uniform at her home for sex, contrary to orders from a superior officer. 

In February 2019, McLaughlin was assigned to work at the front desk of 23 Division when he received a phone call from a woman.

According to the allegations, the two exchanged numbers and started texting each other. The next day, while off duty, McLaughlin allegedly sent the woman "a picture... using the text platform Whatsapp. The picture contained an image of [McLauglin's] penis," the notice of hearing said.

The woman, who is identified only as "M.D." in the notice, contacted 23 Division and asked that McLaughlin not call her again, the document says.

After being cautioned by a Toronto Police sergeant not to communicate with her, McLaughlin continued to do so and on March 4, 2019, while in uniform, he went to her home and was invited inside.  

According to the notice of hearing, "during the encounter [McLaughlin], dressed in ... police issued clothing ... had a sexual encounter with the complainant on numerous occasions throughout the day."  

McLaughlin is also alleged to have "committed misconduct" by "willfully or carelessly" causing loss or damage to police clothing or equipment, having left his police issued shirt and one epaulette at M. D.'s residence and not making an attempt to retrieve them.    

McLaughlin was charged for allegedly acting "in a manner prejudicial to discipline or likely to bring discredit upon the reputation of the Toronto Police Service," and "carelessly [causing] loss or damage" to police force clothing or equipment.

'Misleading' sick call

McLaughlin is also accused of making a "false, misleading or inaccurate statement" concerning a sick call.

In a second incident in March of this year, McLaughlin advised a Toronto Police sergeant he was sick and would be resting at his home in Etobicoke.

When the sergeant did a "wellness check" at his address, it was discovered McLaughlin never lived there.

Professional Standards investigators then learned McLaughlin was actually on vacation in Trinidad and Tobago and returning to Toronto on April 3.

In an interview, the police documents says, McLaughlin "readily admitted to the allegations" involving both the sexual encounter with the woman and his trip out of the country.

7 previous charges

McLaughlin faces seven charges from previous incidents.

He allegedly climbed heavy machinery to try and kiss a female construction worker while working paid duty at a construction site near Mount Pleasant Road and Eglinton Avenue East.

He is also accused of dropping a loaded service gun on a table.

In another incident McLaughlin denied he hit a TTC post while driving his marked police cruiser. The collision caused extensive damage to the vehicle and was caught by the in-car camera system, according to the allegations in the notice of hearing.

McLaughlin is scheduled to be back before the police disciplinary tribunal to face all of the charges in November.